Sunday, July 22, 2012


Worship Music & Scripture Today

Click on any photo above to view the image in larger format and/or click on the arrow to view the video of the new Tinney Chapel string band, trumpet solo, church choir and Scripture reading. 

Some of today's photography was done by Mollie & David Stanton.

Tinney Chapel Troubadours, new praise string band, makes debut @ Tinney Chapel and Travessa Tinney Newsome is back in form on a trumpet solo, the quintessential choir performs and Certified Lay Speaker David Stanton reads Old Testament Scripture

Today, July 22, 2012, the 8th Sunday after Pentecost, marked the debut of Brother Carl Sterling's latest innovations at the quintessential country church: a new praise string band (The Tinney Chapel Troubadours) and a brass version of Amazing Grace by Travessa Tinney Newsome, who once played the trumpet with some regularity in our church when she was a student in the marching band at Winnsboro High School as did her brother Kevin Tinney, one of the members of the new Tinney Chapel string band. 

The string band, currently calling themselves The Tinney Chapel Troubadours, consists of Brother Carl Sterling on his massive Esteban guitar, George Jordan on his Ventura guitar (and who is a veteran gospel songwriter and noted vocalist), Joe Dan Boyd on his Gibson baritone ukulele, Kevin Tinney on acoustic guitar (also a noted songwriter and vocalist) and Roger Schneider on acoustic guitar. 

The Troubadours were formed last Tuesday night, July 17,  in the sanctuary building at a meeting called by Brother Carl for anyone interested in music for the church. The Pastor made it clear that he has bigger plans for Tinney Chapel's musicians, including gigs at nursing homes and the like as well as at special events at Tinney Chapel which he has in mind. It also seems likely that the current musical incarnation might be evolving as time progresses. If you are interested, please show up at the next Tuesday night musical meeting, which apparently will be an ongoing event for learning and practicing. It's definitely an open meeting, so show up if you have an interest. 

In the video which accompanies this post, the Troubadours begin with an uptempo version of Just A Closer Walk With Thee, with George Jordan on lead vocals, followed by the quintessential choir doing Jesus Is All The World To Me (accompanied by Molly Mathis on piano), followed by  the Old Testament Scripture reading by David Stanton who is a Certified Lay Speaker, and concludes with Travessa Tinney Newsome's moving trumpet solo, Amazing Grace. Some members of our congregation joined in by singing the words to this great old hymn during Travessa's instrumental take.

To view the video, simply click the arrow above. The format is Windows Media Player. 

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