Thursday, July 19, 2012


Work Day @ Tinney Chapel

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Work Day Scheduled Every Thursday During The 2012 Growing Season

Mike Banks, Chair of Tinney Chapel Work Day Ministry announced a work day schedule for each and every Thursday, @ 8:30 am, during the remainder of the growing season for 2012. 

This is a church-wide event, for both men and women, who should come dressed for work: long sleeves, gloves, hats, etc. And it's all grunt work: No administrative or desk jobs available.  "I figure we are saving the church about $500 a month in cash expenses," said Banks.  

See the photos above for an idea of who worked today and that they did. 

"Let's allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in coming to, and participating in, these work days," suggested Roger Schneider, immediate past President of Tinney Chapel Men's Ministries. 

Thanx to all who came today and those yet to come on future Thursdays this year. 

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