Sunday, July 01, 2012


Order for the Celebration of Appointment of Brother Carl Sterling @ Tinney Chapel

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Tinney Chapel Welcomes New Pastor, Brother Carl Sterling & spouse, Paulette, a Certified UMC Lay Speaker

New Pastor Carl Sterling was primed, pumped and powerful today as he formally accepted his appointment at the quintessential country church. 

Not only did his first sermon ask this congregation if it was "excited about its faith," but he also publically promised a viable youth ministry and his best effort at making our time together something special and memorable for all. 

Later, in various private conversations, Brother Carl discussed his plan to have a monthly praise service of about 90 minutes, with special praise music, on Sunday nights. He, himself, plays guitar for praise songs, and has numerous contacts for bands and individuals who are willing to serve and help out.

He said he was baptized at age 42 and that his ministry is a second career calling. His secular career included a highly profitable decade as a farmer who produced culinary herbs for specialty markets. "But, I gave the money away when I answered God's call to ministry," added Brother Carl. "Some said I was insane for doing that, but it seemed the right thing to me, and to God."

If you can't be excited about your salvation, what is there to be excited about, he asks, looking as if he expects no answer to be forthcoming.

To contact your new pastor: 

PO Box 354, Roxton, TX 75477.

580-231-2044 cell
903-346-3257 home


It was a memorable day.

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