Sunday, June 24, 2012


An Order Of Farewell To Pastor Sue Gross on her departure from ministry @ Tinney Chapel

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A Prophet Named Sue

It was Rev. Sue Gross' final Sunday at our church, and David Stanton was in the pulpit to allow her time to facilitate the move to her new appointment.

His sermon title was, appropriately, "So, Who Is Your Prophet Now!" His point was to emphasize that a church's pastor is also its prophet.

It was an emotional day for David, Pastor Sue and all of us, including the half of today's worship congregation who are Hispanic and whose loyalty to Tinney Chapel is tied to our church's pioneering English As Second Language (ESL) program, hailed throughout the North Texas Conference and singled out for special praise by the Bishop at the recent Annual Conference in Plano.

Our church's ESL program was Pastor Sue's idea as was our church's free Christmas Dinner program and other landmarks that she will leave with us, along with the memories.

Our gift to her was a scrapbook, organized by David Stanton & Angela Wylie, containing letters of gratitude from members of the congregation and a few pictures from her four years here.

We also send her to her next appointment with this final thought: Thanks, Pastor Sue, for the ministry and the memories.

We love you.

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