Friday, May 18, 2012


Two New Poets @ Live Poets Society Meeting 05-18-12

Click on any image above to view it in larger format. Or click on the arrow below the narrative to view a video of a part of tonight's Live Poets Meeting.

Two new poets joined us tonight: Doc Davis, who writes about cowboys & Skip Hughes, who is partial to limericks. 

Signed copies of Skip’s new book, A Pot Of Message, subtitled “Zingers & Stingers,” are available exclusively at The Winnsboro Emporium. 

Skip says this book contains the best of his poetic efforts of the past few decades and is hot off the press. 

If you can't visit the Emporium, contact Skip Hughes via e-mail at and arrange for purchasing his new book which is $14 (including shipping) if mailed, or a flat $11.95 if purchased on site (no shipping required) at Conrad Wolfman's Winnsboro Emporium on North Main Street in beautiful downtown Winnsboro. 

Doc’s poem about a cowboy buying a bra for his wife was the night’s highlight. Skip’s “Comedy Of Eros” was a close second. Part of Doc's poem and all of Skip's are on the video located at the bottom of this narrative post.

Ellie Voth read “Love” & “Live Poets Meet Tonight.” 

Angela Wylie read “Fire” (inspired by her recent completion of the East Texas Wilderness Survival School taught by Renae Williams) & two other new poems, all of which she composed today. 

Present but not reading were Conrad Wolfman and Joe Dan Boyd. 

The Society meets every 3rd Friday at 6 pm in The Winnsboro Emporium on North Main Street of beautiful downtown Winnsboro.  In addition, on June 1, Art & Espresso (on Market Street in Winnsboro) will also host a poetry reading, open to the public, at which you will likely find at least some members of the Live Poets Society in performance. For more information on that event, call Marilyn Arnaud @ Art & Espresso (The Market Street Coffee Bar) at 903-342-3343 or check out their website at:

Live Poets Society is always open to the public, either for reading or listening, or both.

Below is the incomplete video. Apologies for not getting all of Doc's poem or any of Angela Wylie's reading in this clip:

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