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Rev. Carl Sterling To Become New Pastor @ Tinney Chapel

Rev. Carl Sterling To Become Pastor @ Tinney Chapel After June 24
When We Bid Farewell to Pastor Sue Gross

As part of Methodism's historic itineracy tradition, it's musical chairs or fruit-basket-turnover time again in the North Texas Conference (NTC), when many pastors pull up stakes lock-stock-and-barrel to move from one church to another, based on their gifts, graces and the assessed needs of individual churches as viewed by our Bishop and District Superintendents.

This means that Pastor Sue Gross' final Sunday with Tinney Chapel will be June 24, at which time Certified Lay Speaker David Stanton will actually be in the pulpit to allow Pastor Sue time for last-minute chores related to her move and that of her mother, Nyla Gross. However, Pastor Sue will be present with us on that final day, June 24, at which time our congregation will bid her farewell.

In her place, Tinney Chapel's SPR Committee has already welcomed Rev. Carl Sterling and his wife, Paulette Sterling, during a visit recently. However, no other congregants have yet met the couple, other than David & Mollie Stanton, who today joined the Sterlings at Annual Conference in Plano, where David kindly made the iPhone photos accompanying this report and forwarded them to Tinney Chapel Communications.

Rev. Sterling comes to us from serving two churches, pictured in the collage with this report: Williams Chapel UMC at English, TX and First UMC Avery at Avery, TX.

You may welcome Rev. Sterling via his e-mail address: 

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