Sunday, May 13, 2012


The 1900 Fowler Incident as reenacted by Legends Of The Crossroads

Click any of the photo files, above, to view  in larger format and/or click the video file, below, to view the entire reenactment of The 1900 Fowler Incident, a turn-of-the-Century shootout resulting from a ruckus between 20-year-old Shelby Fowler and merchant prince R. G. Andrews, owner of the stately Andrews Building, which occupied more than an entire block of retail space in downtown Winnsboro, Texas, at the time.

The incident involved an alleged cutting of Andrews (with a broken hot sauce bottle) by the 20-year-old Fowler, and an unsuccessful attempt to arrest the young man (after a $50 reward is posted) by a Winnsboro deputy, who is ultimately slain with a shotgun by Frank Fowler, father of young Shelby.

Later, both Fowler men surrendered and the father was tried for murder, found not guilty and then freed.

Legends of the Crossroads, a newly formed group of Winnsboro dramatic re-enactors, is led by the unique Doc Davis, who plays a bartender in this re-enactment, during which he warns the ill-fated deputy that he is asking for trouble and should "leave those Fowlers alone."

To view this event, The 1900 Fowler Incident, please click on the video file below:

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