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Mothers Day @ Tinney Chapel, sixth Sunday of Easter

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Mothers Day @ Tinney Chapel

It was a time when both sermons--for adults and for kids--drew heavily on personal recollections and reflections from Pastor Sue Gross and Georgia Goggans.

Both are gifted with strong voices and confident deliveries, so the congregation was doubly blessed on this sixth Sunday of Easter.

Pastor Sue remembered a time of trauma when she was a small child and the family house burned to the ground. She recalls the comfort she received from both her mother, Nyla, and father, Vern, who actually built a new house for his family over time.

The Pastor also reflected on the history of Mothers Day observance as a holiday, and the unconditional, agape love that comes from both mothers and from God. She also reminded us to honor those women who may not become biological mothers, but who nevertheless contribute to society as mentors and surrogate mothers. While she did not specifically say so, we might have also remembered those women who choose to become pastors, and thus affect countless lives via the Love of Christ.

Georgia told Blaine about her own (Blaine's) mother, reminding her that she is a hard worker at home and at school, where her mother is a teacher, which is yet another life choice that involves transformed lives for many youngsters.

Georgia also told Blaine that her own (Georgia's) husband, Glen, had written her a letter on this Mothers Day, expressing his appreciation for the kind of mother that Georgia has been, and is, to their children and grandchildren. She said the letter was too emotionally touching for her to read it aloud on this occasion.

Both Pastor Sue and Georgia prayed for blessings on the women in our lives, those who are mothers and those who are not.

The Pastor asked Blaine to pass out special Mothers Day pens, inscribed "Blessed Is The Woman Who Walks With God," to all the ladies, whether mothers or not, in today's congregation.

The video on this post features Georgia Goggans at Kids Time.


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