Sunday, April 11, 2010


Come & Dine is message preached by Lay Speaker Joe Dan Boyd

Click on any image above to view it in larger format or click on arrow under copy below to view video of Tinney Chapel choir singing a Jesus medley.
Photos above are by Angela Wylie and Joe Dan Boyd.

Come and Dine

Lay Speaker Joe Dan Boyd sang the old (1907) song, Come And Dine, which is based on today's primary Scripture, John 21:12a, which relates Jesus calling out to the Disciples to come and dine on the fish and bread the Master has cooked up on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.

It is our first Biblical confirmation that Jesus was a good cook.

That the Disciples follow His command, bring their fishing boat to shore and interact with the Resurrected Christ, is the backdrop for this final chapter of the Gospel of John.

Joe Dan also suggested that our congregation consider improving on his Come-and-Dine apron design, which is also based on this Scripture (see photo above).

Finally, Joe Dan passed out handouts with his Top Ten life lessons from today's sermon:

1. We all have an apostolic (one who is sent) mission.
2. It is always difficult to get the whole family together.
3. Walk the walk before talking the talk.
4. When all else fails, go fishing.
5. Things always look better in the morning.
6. We don't always recognize Jesus when we see Him.
7. If at first you don't succeed, cast your net again.
8. It is OK to jump overboard and come to Christ.
9. The love of Christ draws us through fire and water.
10. We know that John's testimony is true.

To view and hear the Tinney Chapel choir perform a medley of Jesus songs, accompanied by Molly Mathis on piano, click the arrow below:


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