Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ladies Spring Fling & Fashion Show @ Tinney Chapel

Photos by Angela Wylie.

Click on any image, above, to view it in larger format, or click on the arrow, below, to view the Spring Fling video of the ladies fashion show.

Spring Fling For The Ladies @ Tinney Chapel

Normally, Spring Fling is an annual event at Tinney Chapel UMC, but is reserved strictly for the Ladies Group and their friends.

This year, a few Tinney Chapel men were invited--to be table waiters for the ladies dinner.

After the meal, Nan Williams, who facilitated the event, served as the emcee, commenting on the appropriateness of Proverbs 31, which describes a kind of ideal woman. In addition, Nan sang the song, You Are So Beautiful, and urged all the ladies to revel in their femininity.

Perhaps the highlight of the evening was a fashion style show, with Tinney Chapel ladies serving as their own models.

This was definitely the Tinney Chapel version of Ladies Night Out.

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