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The Magic Of Music At Tinney Chapel 09-02-12

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The Magic Of Music @ The Quintessential Country Church

Music gets us going at Tinney Chapel with the first rattle out of the box: Our Call to Worship, This Is The Day, followed by our opening hymn Leaning On The Everlasting Arms.  

Our animated song leader, Angela Wylie, keeps us excited about our music because she is so obviously caught up in its thrall. Soon, so are we!

When the Tinney Chapel Troubadours take center stage, their first offering is the familiar standard, Hold Fast To The Right, an old chestnut going back at least to the days of the old Vaughn Quartet. Please excuse our filming which missed most of the first two verses, but perhaps the Troubadours' enthusiasm will help to compensate for that. Their second number, Now I Can See, is one of Troubadour George Jordan's many original compositions, this one with a catchy call-and-response technique which often brings the congregation to a hand-clapping mood.

Finally, after the sermon and after the service of Holy Communion, Angela Wylie leads this singing congregation in Brother Carl's Hymn of Invitation, Great Is Thy Faithfulness, as Tinney Chapel's acolyte pauses with him during this stirring finale.

To say that it has been a magical musical tour would be an understatement. All of us are still humming, singing and patting our feet as the memory lingers now and, likely, forever.

Some of us older members think of Gene Autry, America's first singing cowboy star, who famously said: "It's hard to be mean and sing at the same time."


Until next week when we will all be Back In
The Saddle Again

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