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Music Ministry @ Tinney Chapel 08-26-12

Once on the Internet, you may click on any photo image to view it in a larger format.

Once on the Internet, you may click on any photo image to view it in larger format. You may also click on the arrow in the video icon below and view a video of today's music ministry @ the quintessential country church.
The video is immediately above for your enjoyment. Click the arrow.

Some of today's photography was done by Mollie & David Stanton who are members of the Tinney Chapel UMC Communications Team.

Music Was On The Front Burner Today At Tinney Chapel

Today, the 13th Sunday after Pentecost, pianist Molly Mathis accompanied This Is The Day, our call to worship musical number. 

Ronnie Ellison was our song leader. Congregational hymns included A Mighty Fortress Is Our God and To God Be The Glory. 

The quintessential country church choir sang the "official" Tinney Chapel medley: He's The Savior Of My Soul, His Name Is Wonderful, There's Something About That Name and Thou Art Worthy.   

Cade Hayley, a young teen-ager, played Amazing Grace on the violin. 

The Tinney Chapel Troubadours performed Dry River and Let Me Try, both original compositions by George Jordan, the original Tinney Chapel Troubadour, with guitars by Brother Carl Sterling, George Jordan, Kevin Tinney & Roger Schneider, baritone uke by Joe Dan Boyd and harmonica by Kevin Tinney.

It was a toe-tapping, hand-clapping, sing-along day of music designed to comfort, heal and save souls, and you should have been there!

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