Sunday, August 12, 2012


Ministry Moments: Choir, Kids Time & Just A Little Talk With Jesus 08-12-12

Once on the Internet, click on any photo image above to view it in larger format and/or click on the arrow in icon below to view the video featuring our choir, Brother Carl's peanut butter & jelly sandwich sermon for kids & Joe Dan Boyd singing a portion of Just A Little Talk With Jesus:
Above is the video: 

Ministry Moments 

Appropriatly, the quintessential country church choir today sang the old hymn, The Church In The Wildwood, while Certified Lay Speaker & one of Tinney Chapel's newly formed troubadours, Joe Dan Boyd, sang a special solo, Just A Little Talk With Jesus (cut short by a battery failure while accompanying himself on a Martin 0-17 acoustic guitar made in the year of his own birth) and Brother Carl filled in for Georgia Goggans with the kids sermon during which he made peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for the youngsters. 

See it all on the above video.

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