Friday, March 16, 2012


Live Poets Society Met today @ Winnsboro Emporium

PHOTO ID: Left to right: Lucy Germany, Ellie Voth, Bonnie Sir Kegian and (seated) Liz Soutendiijk. Inset is poet/host Conrad Wolfman.

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Live Poets Society Met Today, Third Friday in March,
at Conrad Wolfman's Winnsboro Emporium on North Main
Street in Beautiful Downtown Winnsboro

It was a good evening for poets in Winnsboro, a Texas Cultural Arts District, a Main Street City and a Certified Retirement Community.

But this was a day for meditation and metaphor as Joe Dan Boyd read selected excerpts from Edward Hirsch's classic book How To Read A Poem, as a mood-setter.

After the short reading and a brief business meeting, members of the Live Poets Society read individual poems for their own pleasure and that of drop-in listeners.

Missing were Amy Pierson and Angela Wylie, whose aunt (Carolyn Newton) was married that same evening at Tinney Chapel United Methodist Church (the groom was Benny Brown). Angela attended the wedding as both kinfolk and photographer. Joe Dan Boyd, Live Poets' communications coordinator, had to leave today's meeting early for that same wedding event, which suggests the reason for this meeting's lack of further detail. Before leaving, Joe Dan did make the photo shown elsewhere on this post.

Attending tonight's event: (Left to right in photo) Lucy Germany, Ellie Voth, Bonnie Sir Kegian (founder of Live Poets Society) and (seated) Liz Soutendiijk.

Live Poets Society meets every third Friday of each month at 6 pm and is hosted by Conrad Wolfman's Winnsboro Emporium on far North Main Street in Winnsboro.

Live Poets Society meetings are open to the public, poets or non-poets, who wish either to perform (read) or merely listen. No reservations required. Just show up.

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