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Pleasant Mountain Boys Perform at Tinney Chapel's Annual Fish Fry

Click on any image to view it in larger format and/or click on the arrow below to view the video of Pleasant Mountain Boys' introduction at Tinney Chapel and performance of three songs, including Chinese Food Song, Vienna Sausage Song and He's My Dad, a tribute to keyboardist Jerry Smith's biological father and his heavenly Father.

Come And Dine

The Pleasant Mountain Boys actually sang the old song, Come And Dine, an old classic sacred song from the very early part of the Twentieth Century, which I, myself, resurrected and sang at Tinney Chapel a few months ago when I delivered a lay speaker sermon with the same title, both of which were inspired from the Gospel of John, Chapter 21, verse 12 in the King James Version.

I spent much of my East Texas youth listening to and singing that old song, Come And Dine, and was especially fond of the version by the late Grandpa Jones, most recently of Hee Haw fame, but who was also one of the true pioneers of authentic country music.

It was, dare I risk sounding trite by saying that it was, indeed, a pleasant experience to hear tonight's modern exponent of Texas-style country gospel, the Pleasant Mountain Boys, sing one of my all-time favorite sacred songs.

Thanks guys: Waylon Moore, bandleader; Jerry Smith, keyboard; John Fitch, mandolin; Brian Moore, baritone; Tony Russell, electric guitar; Larry Russell, drums. Please note the group picture, above, in the photo collage of the entire band, with some closeups inserted.

Among the group's moving sacred songs, the Tinney Chapel congregation responded especially to I Sing About Jesus, Someday We'll See Jesus, I'm Just A Small Grain Of Sand, Who Am I, but perhaps the most memorable was the song written by band member Jerry Smith, He's My Dad, at once a tribute to his own late biological father and also to his Holy Father, the Savior Of His Soul. Bandleader Waylon Moore noted how difficult it often is to find a song that it suitable for Father's Day, but this one certainly fills the bill. Check it out on the video available on this post. It's also available on one of their commercial recordings.

The Pleasant Mountain Boys sang some of their novelty songs, and included a tad of country comedy in their stage act. Among the highlights, which may also be viewed on this post's video, are the two humorous songs about Chinese food and that miracle food, Vienna sausage. Check those out as well.

This talented group is based in nearby Mount Pleasant, Texas, and you may visit their website at: and if that link does not show up live, for instant clicking, on this page, just copy/paste it into your browser address window and explore their fascinating website. Or, just click the title of this blog post at the top of the page and it should take you to their website.

The group also markets several Compact Discs and, and even some cassettes. Again, check out their website.

By the way, the fish, hush puppies and french fries, cooked by master country chef, Bobby Thompson, were outstanding tonight, as were the side dishes and desserts brought and served by the ladies and other members of the Tinney Chapel congregation. A good time was had by all, and the house was full.

Fish isn't all that is served at Tinney Chapel, and everyone has an open invitation to Come And Dine on any given Sunday!

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