Sunday, January 31, 2010


Brother Henry Suche preaches "Called" & performs a healing prayer

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That was the one-word title of the sermon preached today, Jan. 31, 2010, by guest preacher Henry Suche, whose ties to Tinney Chapel date back at least to 1978, when he served a three-month internship here under then-Pastor Fred Durham, who was also Mayor of the City of Winnsboro during his tenure.

Brother Henry based his sermon, Called, primarily on the description, provided by Mark, of Jesus calling His first four Disciples: Andrew, Peter, James and John.

The emphasis here was on the word, Called, especially as it applies to all of us today, who are Called to serve the Lord Jesus.

Brother Henry cited Old Testament examples: Moses had to be Called four times, he said, which perhaps makes him a bit more like us. Brother Henry described his own Call to the Ministry as like a two-by-four, a blunt instrument upside the head that he believes was just what was needed at the time to get his undivided attention.

He cited others from the Old Testament: Daniel, and especially Shadrach, Meschach and Abed-nego, Brother Henry's personal heroes of the Hebrew Bible: "They went into the fiery furnace," he explained. "But God the Father was with them there."

And, that was one of Brother Henry's major points: That God will never leave those He Calls into His service. Nor will he allow us to suffer a burden greater than we are able to bear. Neither will He assign us a task for which He will not first equip us and then strengthen us. "And, as He assures us in Matthew 28, He will never leave us," added Brother Henry. "Further, He will lead us, guide us and provide us with the Holy Spirit."

When Jesus Called those first four Disciples, He didn't go to the Temple and pick four of the priests. Rather, said Brother Henry, Jesus Called on fishermen, common folks like you and me. None of them had any idea they would be remembered 2,000 years later as among those who were first Called by the Master.

All of us who are Called are also provided with Gifts of the Holy Spirit, a few of which are common among all us us, such as the ability to discern the Holy Spirit, Who moves within us as we become parts of the Body of Christ. As such, we should avoid petty distractions such as bickering within the Church. After all, we come here to worship, emphasized Brother Henry, but we leave here to serve. We are to remain in unity, taking our authority in His Name, never forgetting that Jesus told us that we can do even greater things than He Himself performed. That's an awesome thought!


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