Sunday, January 17, 2010


Pastor Sue scraps prepared sermon to preach on aftershocks of Haiti earthquake

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Tinney Chapel responds to aftershocks in Haiti

It was a good sermon that Pastor Sue Gross had prepared for this day, but the tragedy in Haiti was on our hearts and minds today, and the Pastor instead spoke to this universal concern.

The other sermon could wait, but relief and compassion were needed today for earthquake victims. A special offering at Tinney Chapel, over and above the regular worship offering, amounted to $700, which went to UMCOR via the North Texas Conference.

Not many of us at Tinney Chapel have been caught in an earthquake, but Pastor Sue has experienced three of them in three different states: Colorado, California and Oregon.

The Pastor referred to the Old Testament Book of Job and its many lessons on suffering and recovery: Over 330 questions are asked in this one Book, she said.

Why? Job deals with a tragedy of epic proportions, and loses all he has. So, like any of us would do, Job mourned for his losses and wondered: Where was God when this tragedy happened? Job wanted an explanation for his suffering.

God responded by asking cosmic questions of Job: Where were you when I laid the foundation of the world? And, Job was then appropriately silent. He repented in dust and ashes.

One lesson for all us: God is near the heart of us all.

Another lesson is that we are mortals, fragile and wholly dependent on God, and it is time for us to help rebuild, to honor those who have died.

Job suffered, but in the end he was reinstated.

Pastor Sue also read from the new Testament Book of Hebrews, chapter 12, verses 18 through 29.


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