Saturday, January 16, 2010


A full house at Tinney Chapel for Helen Tinney Miller's 90th birthday party

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The Big Nine-Oh is a big ole hit for Helen at Tinney Chapel

The early count places attendance at about 150 in the Family Life Center of the quintessential country church.

The big draw was Helen Tinney Miller, matriarch of our church and the founding Tinney Family. What Helen did was achieve the age of 90 while still smiling, still alert and still spiritually sound.

Guests came from all over the Winnsboro demographic map, from elsewhere in Texas and even some came from out of state.

Credit Nyla Tinney Avant, and many of her kinfolk for organizing this event beautifully, and bringing it off without a hitch.

One college classmate brought the 1942 annual from East Texas State Teachers College at Commerce--the year Helen graduated from that institution.

The Vernon School first-grade class of 1942-43 had an unexpected and inpromptu reunion at this birthday event for Helen, who herself for a time attended Vernon, a Wood County country school located less than a mile from Tinney Chapel. The four members of that class were Tommy Boyd, Nyla Tinney Avant, Wanda Gearner Hardin and Sue Tinney Brown (photo above).

Several photographers were on duty today, including Tommy Boyd and Angela Newton Wylie. Prior to the event, Tommy prepared a DVD and CD of photos provided by Helen and others. The DVD was on a circular showing during the event.

Several Red Hat Club friends of Helen showed up today and momentarily stole the show.

There was no formal program, which provided adequate time for everyone to visit as long as they wanted.

Happy 90th Birthday, Helen, and may there be many more.


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