Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Announcement Of Retirement By Joe Dan Boyd 01-30-13

Joe Dan Boyd Retires From Communications And Leadership Positions At Tinney Chapel United Methodist Church, Effective IMMEDIATELY

Joe Dan Boyd, having been born into this Church in 1934, attended faithfully until leaving for college in 1953, returning in 1997 after continuing to regard it as his home church during the (1953-1997) interim, and, since 1997, having previously served Tinney Chapel United Methodist Church as Lay Leader, Chair of Administrative Council, Member (Delegate) of Annual Conference, Adult Sunday School Teacher and long-time Communications Coordinator, all on the local church level, today announces his retirement as Tinney Chapel Communications Coordinator, effective immediately.

In addition, Boyd announces that he also relinquishes any other leadership positions, appointive or elective, that he may currently hold at Tinney Chapel, effective immediately, including membership on the Nominations (Lay Leadership) Committee and membership in the Tinney Chapel Troubadours praise band. 

However, Boyd will continue to apply for annual renewal of his Certified Lay Speaker appointment, a position he has held since 1998.

By way of clarification, Boyd further announces that his personal spiritual Blog (Weblog), Tinney Chapel Today, not currently claimed as the Church’s official Internet presence, which Boyd created and has maintained since 2004, will be left online with currently existing archives intact, but not regularly updated in its present format. Instead, Boyd will henceforth post occasional columns, rural ministry analysis and theological opinions as motivated by forthcoming events and intervention by the Holy Spirit.

Meanwhile, Boyd will attempt to pursue research and writing on a variety of topics, which have been simmering on the back burner for long periods of time, although never entirely abandoned nor completely neglected.

Boyd professes his gratitude and appreciation to the Tinney Chapel UMC membership and staff for cooperation over the years, and for their faith in him as evidenced in part by the opportunities for service expressed above. 

Boyd will continue his membership at Tinney Chapel UMC, which he branded as “the quintessential country church,” and which will always be his first and primary spiritual love.



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