Sunday, October 14, 2012


Music Ministry @ Tinney Chapel 10-14-12

Once on the Internet, click on any photo image to enlarge it on your computer screen.
Once on the Internet, click on any photo image, above, to enlarge it on your computer screen and/or click on the arrow in the icon below to view a video of today's music ministry at the quintessential country church:
The music ministry video is immediately above for your clicking and viewing pleasure: Tinney Chapel Troubadours and Tinney Chapel Choir.

The Tinney Chapel Troubadours are led by Brother Carl Sterling, Pastor, Tinney Chapel UMC. 
Other Troubadours include: George Jordan, guitar; Kevin Tinney, guitar; Roger Schneider, guitar; Joe Dan Boyd, vintage Gibson banjolele. 
One of the Troubadour songs on this video, Come To Him, is an original composition by Troubadour George Jordan. 
Troubadour & Pastor Carl Sterling is recovering from shoulder surgery and does not play his Esteban guitar on today's video.

The Tinney Chapel Choir is directed by pianist Molly Mathis.

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