Friday, September 14, 2012


Brother Carl Sterling & His Esteban Guitar @ Quitman Bluegrass Jam 09-14-12

Click on photo image to enlarge it on your screen. 
This photo is actually two photos combined. Both appeared on Facebook today, Sept. 14, 2012, one by Doc Davis and one by Delene Allen.  See both separate photos below:
This photo, above, is the one made by Doc Davis and tagged to my attention on Facebook. I tweaked it to become the photo below: 
And, below is the photo made by Delene Allen, in which you can actually see Brother Carl's guitar, but not much of the guitar picker: 
Click on any photo image above to enlarge it on your screen. 

Brother Carl Sterling, Pastor of Tinney Chapel, at Quitman, TX. Bluegrass Jam 09-14-12.

Roger Schneider was almost certainly there, too, but no one sent us a picture of him.

Way to go, Brother Carl: Let's hear that Lester Flatt G-run? 



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