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Live Poets Society Met today @ Winnsboro Emporium

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Live Poets Society Met Today At The Winnsboro Emporium on North Main Street
In Beautiful Downtown Winnsboro, Texas

Six members of the Live Poets Society (LPS) met to exchange readings and discuss the Winnsboro Arts Scene tonight, Friday, Feb. 17, 2012.

Absent was Angela Wylie, LPS's most decorated poet, but LPS welcomed Ellie Voth from Lake Fork (originally from Redwing, Minnesota) as its newest member. Also not present on this occasion were Ayne Agassi and James Chambers.

Host/Poet Conrad Wolfman read no poetry tonight, but gave a positive report on his recent progress, and heavy writing output, with short stories and even a short novel, perhaps a novella.

Founder/Poet Bonnie Sir Kegian read “Merely Wings,” a poetic view of robins visiting her winter window. (See text below.)

Poet Amy Pierson read “A New Day Begins at Four (am),” a semi-serious spin on the supposed advantages of a day that begins just a tad too soon. (See text below.)

Poet Ellie Voth’s offering tonight was titled, “Jan.”

Two poems by Lucy Germany, “A Book” and “A Poem on Poetry” were well received.

Joe Dan Boyd read an original paraphrase of Psalm 23. (See text below.)

“Merely Wings”
Bonnie Sir Kegian

Harbingers of spring, now come the robins to my winter window
I capture the split second in my camera eye
Stress/pain/disappointment disappear, so caught up am I in the magic
scene before me

A flock of 100 birds feast
On golden china berries dangling high in the tree my grandmother
planted so long ago
then swiftly they fly down, hop on the rain-soaked brown grass fishing
for worms.

Hop hop stop/Cock your shining head/Look for what you scared up.
Jump forward/Do it all again.

A deluge of spring-soon-to-come recollections flood my memory:
Pussy willows; green bulb leaves poke their tips up;
gray skies give way to robin’s egg blue;
Mother sows starter seeds in cut-off milk carton pots
and carefully places them in the sunny south window.

My own reflection in clear rain puddles reminds me
I have felts this delight 70X, each time as full
of anticipation as before.

Hope does spring eternal on the merely wings of robins.

“A New Day Begins at Four (am)”
By Amy Pierson

I am awake……the clock says Four
Darn it anyway, I wanted to sleep just a little bit more

Emi and Mandy hear me stir ready to go out
Racing down the steps tails happily wagging
Standing at the door, doesn’t matter to them
That it is only Four

Steam from the shower swirling overhead
Ah, hot water melting the ache in my back
Sore muscles begin to relax
A whiff of coffee brewing stimulates the brain
Awakened even more
But it is only Four

Emi and Mandy want to come back in
Bright eyes looking up at me
Thank you Mom, for rescuing me and me
We want our breakfast----it’s really OK
That it is only Four

They never criticize or have a grumpy word
Their companionship upbeat just wanting to please
How could I not be happy to be accepted
And loved by these little strays

Think of all the things I can accomplish today
With a Smile on my Face crossing the “To Dos” off my list
Sing thankful praises to God
A New Day begins….I am awake
And it is…….just a little after Four

23rd Psalm paraphrase by Joe Dan Boyd, 01-28-11

The man upstairs takes care of me; my heart soars like a hawk.

He clears my path, keeps me alert, frees me from worry.

He renews my spirit & keeps me on the straight-&-narrow:
I sing His praise.

Detours through darkness don't deter me:
His light is never entirely dimmed.

His voice of courage, consolation & correction keeps me filled.

He encourages nourishment by words of friend & foe alike,
Reminding me that each is created in His image, as am I:

That He loves us all, gifts us with purpose,
And invites us to Eternal Communion.

Live Poets Society meets every third Friday of each month at Conrad Wolfman's unique venue, The Winnsboro Emporium, the jewel of Winnsboro's North Main Street. All poets, and the general public, are invited to attend future meetings, either to read or to listen or both.

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