Friday, December 16, 2011


Live Poets Society Met Tonight @ Winnsboro Emporium

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Live Poets Society Meets For the Final 2011 Session
At The Winnsboro Emporium on North Main Street
In Beautiful Downtown Winnsboro, Texas

Four stalwart members of the Live Poets Society (LPS) met to exchange readings and discuss the Winnsboro Arts Scene tonight, Friday, Dec. 16, 2011.

Angela Wylie, LPS's most decorated poet, read two original poems written just for this meeting, both tributes to the beauty and blessings of Nature: Sparkles In The Dark and Frost.

Conrad Wolfman read an original poem, My Special Day, which recounted his remembrance of times past, when he was a boy sharing a special day arranged for him by his parents in New York. Conrad also shared a later original poem, Too Good For This Place.

Ayne Agassi arrived without portfolio, but quickly composed and recited an extemporaneous poem on the spot: Have You Found The Peace You Have Been Searching For. The rest of us were suitably impressed.

Joe Dan Boyd (not pictured in this post) read a prose piece by the late Jack Bickers, a close friend and professional compadre from both of their days at Farm Journal Magazine: Can We Save This Vanishing American? It was a tribute to the mule, which Joe Dan followed with a CD track by the late Ken Curtis ("Festus" of TV's Gunsmoke fame): Ode To A Mule (about the famous mule named Ruth that his Festus character rode in the long-running television series).

Live Poets Society meets every third Friday of each month at Conrad Wolfman's unique venue, The Winnsboro Emporium, the jewel of Winnsboro's North Main Street. All are invited to attend future meetings, either to read or to listen or both.

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