Sunday, November 20, 2011


Tinney Chapel UMC Charge Conference 2011 & Leadership List for 2012

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Tinney Chapel Leadership List For 2012

Chair of Ad Council: Kathy Brown
Assistant Chair: Most recent past chair present
Lay Leader: Roger Schneider
Treasurer: Jenna Nelson
Financial Secretary: Sharon Schneider
Recording Secretary: Brandi Hayley
Membership Secretary: Jenna Nelson
Children's Ministries/Education: Georgia Goggans
Evangelism: Glenn Goggans
Missions: Cheryl Ann Newton
Family Ministries: Chair, Frankie Brewer, Imogene Myers
Telephone: Chair, Zonnie Griffin; Members: Bobbie Hollingsworth, Imogene Myers, Corinne Tinney, Alice Deitering
Stewardship: Cheryl Ann Newton
Communications Coodinator: Joe Dan Boyd
Lay Member, Annual Conference: Jenna Nelson
Worship Committee: Chair, Carolyn Newton; Members: Linda Hallman, Joy Privette
Finance Committee: Chair, Alicia Moore. Members: Sharon Schneider, Jenna Nelson

Staff-Parish Relations Committee:
Lay Leader, Roger Schneider
Lay Delegate, Jenna Nelson
2012--Georgia Goggans
2012--Sharon Schneider
2013--Kathy Brown
2013--Cheryl Ann Newton
2014--Elaine Banks
2014--Bob Deitering

Pastor (non voting)
2012--Corinne Tinney
2012--Gerry Privette
2013--Carl Griffin
2013--Ronnie Moore
2014--Mike Banks
2014--Gailya Gearner

Nominations Committee:
Chair: Pastor Sue Gross
2012--Gailya Gearner
2012--Roger Schneider
2013--Joe Dan Boyd
2013--Zonnie Griffin
2014--Ronny Ellison
2014--Cheryl Ann Newton

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