Saturday, February 26, 2011


David Stanton is Tinney Chapel's Newest Certified Lay Speaker

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David Stanton Moves From Local Church Lay Speaker
To Certified Lay Speaker In Record Time @ Tinney Chapel

It seems only yesterday (Dec. 8, actually) that David Stanton proclaimed his debut sermon as a Local Church Lay Speaker at Tinney Chapel.

At that time, David's topic was "Joseph, Father Of Jesus," and was part of our church's 2010 Advent Worship series.

The previous month, November, 2010, David had received his personalized copy of the United Methodist Book Of Worship, a gift from the church for his willingness to serve as a Local Church Lay Speaker. (Each of our church's other Lay Speakers also received this gift earlier: Roger Schneider, Angela Wylie and Joe Dan Boyd.) This presentation ceremony (by Pastor Sue Gross) followed David's successful completion of the North Texas Conference Lay Speaker Basic Course, taught at Bonham.

More recently, David completed an Advanced Course in Lay Speaking, one that focused on Adult Bible Study, something that has occupied much of David's time during his 11-year tenure at Tinney Chapel UMC, the quintessential country church.

David has not only taken every adult Bible Study course offered here, but has led or co-led most of them. Why David tarried so long in obtaining his Lay Speaker credentials is anyone's guess. It's clear that he has been no stranger to Lay Speaking, albeit without portfolio for several years, and is currently scheduled to be in the Tinney Chapel pulpit on April 5 for one of the 2011 Lenten Worship sermons. His topic then will be based on Luke 13:6-9, and you do not want to miss it.

Among David Stanton's many contributions to our church are the following few selected examples: Finance Chair, Building Committee Chair (for our 8000' Family Life Center), Lay Leader of our church and Member of Annual Conference.

In addition, David currently serves as East District Associate Lay Leader and appears destined for even higher positions.

Finally, David Stanton is the ultimate go-to guy when anything goes wrong or needs doing quickly and correctly. He is an Air Force veteran of the Vietnam War, during which time he served as a pilot, and later taught at Columbia University before going into the food service business, from which he and spouse Mollie only recently retired.

Congratulations, David, on this, your most recent example of Christian Discipleship. You are an inspiration to all, and a treasure beyond price!

Preach it, my brother!

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