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Tinney Chapel Advent Candle of Peace Lighted Today

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Joy To The World: This Little Light Of Mine

On this second Sunday of Advent, Pastor Sue Gross used two well-known songs to title her sermon: Joy to the world: This little light of mine.

It was an effective demonstration to define Jesus The Christ as the True Light of the World, especially after the Pastor's use of a flashlight and mirror during Kids Time to do the same thing by reflecting light.

John The Baptizer was not the Light, but merely reflected the Light, explained the Pastor, whose primary Scripture was John 1:6-8 and John 1:19-28. Not everyone realizes that the lights on our Christmas trees are metaphorical reflections of this same Light of the World.

If we stray into the Darkness, we can still be saved by the Light!

In John's day, the world was in darkness, said Pastor Gross. But John the Baptizer welcomed the Light and bore witness to the Light in the person of Jesus The Christ.

The Pastor illustrated today's message with a story, from Lucy Swindoll, about people who were suddenly stranded in the darkness of an elevator without electrical power. For a while, panic ruled, but someone had a flashlight, and once turned on, all fear dissipated. It was the power of a simple light in a temporary darkness.

Jesus came just when we needed him most, explained Pastor Gross. He came to bring Light and the darkness has not overcome it, even in time of war, pestilence, drouth, during good times and bad times. Our greatest privilege is to share His Light. We are to take the Light of the World and pass it on!

John The Baptizer proclaimed the Light: Let it shine, let it shine.

That's our job: To let it shine through us!


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