Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Blazing A Path To Christ at Tinney Chapel Advent Service

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Blazing A Path To Christ
An Advent sermon by Rev. Sue Gross

The Pastor provided a brief lesson in the history of famous trailblazers, including such examples as Columbus, Copernicus, Ptolemy, Lewis and Clark and Christiaan Barnard, but with major emphasis on John The Baptizer, chronicled in the New Testament as preparing the Way of the Lord as prophesied by Isaiah.

We are asked to do the same, emphasized the Pastor: To proclaim the Good News of Jesus, who brings joy, peace and, above all, salvation.

John performed baptism by water, but told of The One who would baptize by the Holy Spirit. John was also a great prophet, added Pastor Gross, by bringing a message that was both timely and timeless, requiring immediate action. John was actually the final prophet, explained the Pastor, but he knew his place: He was not the Messiah, but he proclaimed His coming--just as we are to do today.

We still have pioneers, trailblazers, said Pastor Gross, naming some who blaze trails in the fight against Alzheimers: Nancy Reagan, Frankie Brewer and the Pastor's own mother, Nyla Gross.

The number-one comfort I take, said the Pastor, is that the Bible promises that God will recognize us and welcome us home.

Pastor Gross concluded with a discussion about the power of words, both to do good and to do harm--by hurting others. Actions may speak louder, but never underestimate the power of words.

Our lives will be the only Bibles that some people ever read!


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