Wednesday, November 04, 2009


The 2010 Committee Leadership List for Tinney Chapel

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The 2010 Committee Leadership List for Tinney Chapel

Chair of Ad Council Kathy Brown
Assistant Chair (most recent past chair present)
Lay Leader Ronny Ellison
Treasurer Elaine Knoop
Financial Secretary Sharon Schneider
Recording Secretary Gailya Gearner
Membership Secretary Elaine Knoop
Children Ministry/Education Georgia Goggans
Evangelism Gerry Privette
Missions Cheryl Newton
Family Ministries Georgia Goggans
Sunshine Chairs: Frankie Brewer, Elaine Knoop, Imogene Myers
Telephone Chair Mary Marrs
Telephone Members: Bobbie Hollingsworth, Corinne Tinney, & Imogene Myers
Stewardship Cheryl Newton
Communications Coordinator Joe Dan Boyd
Lay Member Annual Conference David Stanton
Worship Chair Sadie Jordan
Worship Members: Linda Hallman, Joy Privette
Finance Chair David Stanton
Finance Members: Sharon Schneider, Elaine Knoop

Staff-Parish Relations:

Chair David Stanton
Lay Leader Ronny Ellison
Lay Member A/C David Stanton
2010 Joe Dan Boyd
2010 Sherri Brewer
2011 Gerald Privette
2011 Angela Wylie
2012 Georgia Goggans
2012 Sharon Schneider


Chair Gerald Privette
Pastor (non voting)
2010 Glenn Goggans
2010 Bill Knoop
2011 Gerald Privette
2011 Bob Deitering
2012 Corinne Tinney
2012 Gerry Privette

Nominations Committee:

Chair Pastor Sue Gross
2010 Carolyn Beavers
2010 Zonnie Griffin
2011 Joy Privette
2011 Georgia Goggans
2012 Roger Schneider
2012 Gailya Gearner

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