Saturday, September 26, 2009


Remnant Sunday School Teachers, Past and Present

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Photos by Bill and Linda Stevens.

To A Teacher
By Angela Wylie

Conveyor of knowledge,
Wisdom, and
A faithful and fearless teacher who
Has let us to
Delve deeply in the scriptures;
Pairs and Spares
The Remnants that
Those whom God has blessed
We have remained steadfast and loyal
Reading the Word, verse by verse
And often word by word
Asking for Divine enlightenment

Led by a scholar
Untold hours of research
Has quenched the thirst of the desires of our hearts
And enriched his own knowledge

Our teacher
Our local part of the
Priesthood of Believers
Our quintessential teacher of
The quintessential small group
Who has quenched our thirst
For knowledge
With the wellspring
Of information, commentary,
Multiple versions
Parallel and vertical
Rooted in ancient language
And re-grown in our hearts
Giving flower to deeper understanding
And birth to stronger faith

Thus we dwell in the Word of God
Thus we respect and honor
This great teacher
Honorable elder
We thank you Joe Dan

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