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Tinney Talk October 2008

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Tinney Talk, Observations by Joe Dan Boyd

THE CULTURE OF OUR CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP almost certainly was born after Jesus returned thanks or called for a blessing on the very first covered dish meal arranged by a core group of ladies who ministered to the Master and His growing group of itinerant Apostles, disciples, grocery shoppers, cooks and bottle washers in First-Century Israel, about whom we read in the New Testament.

A MEAL WAS THE CHANNEL OF CHOICE for some of Jesus’ most meaningful Gospel messages, especially as recorded in Luke, and also was the setting for some of His memorable parable accounts. In fact, the parable of the great banquet is widely regarded as Jesus’ ultimate vision of the Salvation that God offers to the whole world.

THAT TABLE FELLOWSHIP was an important part of Jesus’ ministry is beyond doubt. Even after the Resurrection, Jesus appeared several times to His disciples in the context of a meal.

AFTER THE FIRST PENTECOST, birthday of the Church, Luke tells us in Acts that early Christians worshipped in the Temple and broke bread in their homes, eating with glad and generous hearts. The earliest versions of our Lord’s Supper Communion Sacrament were full hunger-busting meals, later called Love Feasts in the book of Jude, not small hunks of bread washed down with single swallows of grape juice.

RECIPES IN TINNEY CHAPEL’S NEW COOKBOOK, Cooking Favorites From The Country, come to us in the spirit of those earliest Christian cooks who favored full-course meals that waged war on hunger and memorialized a Savior who not only appreciated good food and table fellowship, but also fed all who hungered in His presence for sustenance or salvation.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE COOKBOOK COMMITTEE of the Tinney Chapel Ladies Group, an organization that has, for many years, been the heart of our church’s ministry. Many helped in this keepsake cookbook effort, but special thanks go to Joy Privette, Elaine Graham and Sadie Jordan for making it happen. If you don’t already have a copy ($12), contact Tinney Chapel at 449 County Road 4620, Winnsboro, TX 75494 or phone 903-629-7696.

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