Sunday, January 06, 2013


Colin Boyd performs @ Tinney Chapel: First Time Since 1998

Last here in 1998 with Kevin Hopkins in a 2-hour concert

Sings & Plays One Original Song Today: Two Boards, Three Nails

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To view a video of Colin's one-song performance today, click on the arrow in the video icon below:
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Fifteen years ago, Colin Boyd performed at Tinney Chapel on a double bill with Kevin Hopkins, his cousin who lives in Hawaii. 
Both are talented musicians, songwriters and arrangers.
Today, Jan. 6, 2013, Colin was in Winnsboro for an early birthday celebration with his dad, Joe Dan Boyd.
At Tinney Chapel worship, Brother Carl Sterling sang Happy Birthday to the two Boyds and Joe Matthews, all of whom are celebrating birthdays this month. 
Pastor Carl also asked Colin to sing a song for the congregation, and Colin obliged with an impromptu version of Two Boards, Three Nails, a sacred song he co-wrote with Monte Warden, a writing partner in Austin. 
Tinney Chapel invites you to view the video of Colin's performance by clicking the file above. It's just Colin singing alone while accompanying himself on Brother Carl's acoustic Kona guitar. No amplification and no enhancements: Just a man and his music.
Colin has been a full-time singer-songwriter since graduating from Plano Senior High School and attending Richland Community College in Dallas. 
His influences include Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, and a host of others encountered while living in Philadelphia and Memphis before moving to Texas.
He performs regularly, practically nightly, in the Dallas Metroplex and occasionally has performed in distant venues such as Austin, Nashville and Telluride, CO. 
Both Tinney Chapel and Colin were blessed today. Brother Carl invited him to return anytime. 


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