Sunday, July 10, 2011


David Stanton headlines Lee Cemetery Memorial Day

Click on any image above to view it in larger format and/or click on arrow below to view a portion of David Stanton's presentation (our server limits size of our video files). Please excuse the ambient environmental noise in this video, but it is viewable if you are interested in David's message.

David Stanton, Certified Methodist Lay Speaker
from Tinney Chapel UMC, brings the Memorial Day
message and Special Music this year.

Note brief summary of the day's events in the photo collage above as well as several individual photos.

A video is also available which includes much of David's presentation, cut short only because our web server limits the size of our video files. Also, please pardon the ambient environmental (mostly wind against camera) noise which hampers this video by a small amount, but is still very much worth watching if you missed the live program.

Donations may be sent to Winnsboro Lee Cemetery Association at PO Box 516, Winnsboro, TX 75494.

Donations assist in operating Lee Cemetery, including future road repairs, landscaping and such.

At this year's Memorial Day, Board Member, Dr. Henry Frank Cannaday (see photo above), called on all to donate generously, and to remember Lee Cemetery as the memorial donation of choice on special occasions instead of sending floral arrangements for funerals or special occasions. He also suggested that everyone consider remembering Lee Cemetery in last will and testament gifts.

Lee Cemetery Memorial Day is ALWAYS the second Sunday in July. See you there next year.

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