Wednesday, May 11, 2011


"Happily Forever After" Musical presented by First UMC Mt. Vernon Youth @ Tinney Chapel

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"Happily Forever After"
A Youth Musical Performance presented @ Tinney Chapel UMC
by the Youth Group of First UMC, Mt. Vernon, TX

For more on the background of this musical, please check the following link:

This evening's presentation by the Mt. Vernon Youth Group featured a large cast, including:

The God's Olympics Choir: Coleman Johnston, Archer Findley, Halen Miller, Sawyer Anderson and Samuel Anderson.

The Medieval Cheerleaders: Chloe Copeland, Rachel Dunn, Sally Hamrick, Emmy Poppy McCament and Claire Rutledge.

Our Beautiful Ladies of Fashion: Mikka Allen, Milo McCament, Lauren Newsome and Amber Oxford.

Trumpeters: Preston Clayton and Jackson Standridge.

Gate Guard: Kreig Stevens.

Tour Group: Brother Daniel-Grant Hammonds; Vacation Mom-Taylor Copeland; Traveling Only-Tour Guide-Sam Lowry.

Bridge Keeper Fee Fee and Shining Knight-Garrett Greenbeg.

Traveling Only-Shining Knight-Emmi Patrick.

As Count Ze Coins-Jon Robert Gekiere and Young Lady Losesome-Jada Henry.

Lady Winsome-Blossom Barnett.

Madame Luxuree and Tour Guide-Sam Lowry.

Traveling Only-And Madame Luxuree-McKay Patrick.

Our Royal Court: Lady Windabag-McKlayne Cook; Sir Court Lee-Brooks Briscoe; And Sir Burlyman-Bailey Floyd; Apprentice and Vacation Dad-Justice Lear; And As Page One-Josh Dunn; Princess Pride-Suzanna Hamrick; And Sir Brags A Lot-Cameron Greenberg; Playing Brooke-Hayley Tullis; And Featuring Zach Hedges as the Carpenter.

And we cannot forget our incredible prop handlers and sound men-Max Rutledge and Jack Floyd.

This presentation included songs such as:
"Far Away Land"
"Isn't That Amazing"
"He Has A Perfect Plan For Me"
"I'll Trust You, Lord"

All in all, it was a night to remember, with grateful thanx to the Youth Group of Mt. Vernon UMC.

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