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Leadership List for 2011 @ Tinney Chapel

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Photo immediately above shows head table at recent Tinney Chapel UMC church conference, chaired by District Superintendent Rev. Paul Gould, at which the church approved the 2011 Leadership List below.


Chair, Adm. Council: Kathy Brown
Assistant Chair: Most recent past chair present
Lay Leader: Roger Schneider
Treasurer: Jenna Nelson
Financial Secretary: Sharon Schneider
Recording Secretary: Gailya Gearner
Membership Secretary: Jenna Nelson
Children Ministries/Education: Georgia Goggans
Evangelism: Roger Schneider
Missions: Cheryl Ann Newton
Family Ministries: Georgia Goggans
Sunshine: Chair: Frankie Brewer, Imogene Myers
Telephone: Chair: Mary Marrs (Bobbie Hollingsworth,
Imogene Myers, Corinne Tinney,
Alice Deitering)
Stewardship: Cheryl Ann Newton
Communications Coordinator: Joe Dan Boyd
Lay Member, Annual Conference: David Stanton
Worship Committee: Chair: Carolyn Newton (Linda Hallman,
Joy Privette)
Finance Committee: Chair: Alicia Moore (Sharon Schneider,
Jenna Nelson)
Staff-Parish Relations Committee: Chair: (to be named)
Lay Leader Roger Schneider
Lay Delegate David Stanton
2011: Gerald Privette
2011: Angela Wylie
2012: Georgia Goggans
2012: Sharon Schneider
2013: Kathy Brown
2013: Cheryl Ann Newton
Trustees: Chair: Bob Deitering
Pastor (non-voting)
2011: Gerald Privette
2011: Bob Deitering
2012: Corinne Tinney
2012: Gerry Privette
2013: Carl Griffin
2013: Ronnie Moore
Nominations Committee: Chair: Pastor Sue Gross
2011: Joy Privette
2011: Georgia Goggans
2012: Gailya Gearner
2012: Roger Schneider
2013: Joe Dan Boyd
2013: Zonnie Griffin

For other news from the recent Church/Charge Conference, the following from Cheryl Ann Newton, recording secretary for the event:

Tinney Chapel Charge Conference 2010 Minutes

The Charge Conference for Tinney Chapel UMC was held on Sunday, November 28, 2010, at First United Methodist Church in Mt. Vernon, TX. This session was held in breakout in Room 100 following the general session of the 2010 Church Conference East Texas – Southeast Cluster (B).

Those in attendance at the Tinney Chapel Charge Conference breakout were as follows:
Rev. Paul Gould – District Superintendent and Presiding Officer at the Tinney Chapel Charge Conference, Rev. Sue Gross – Pastor, Tinney Chapel UMC and the following:
Joe Dan Boyd Jenna Nelson
Kathy Brown Cheryl Ann Newton
Gailya Gearner Roger Schneider
Joe Matthews David Stanton

Rev. Gould opened the session by explaining that the purpose of the Charge Conference was to get ready for how God will be working with and through Tinney Chapel during the coming year. He encouraged the attendees to approach this process in a spirit of expectation.

Business was conducted as follows:

· Cheryl Ann Newton was elected Reporting Secretary for the Charge Conference.
· Laity Report - Rev. Gould recognized the DVD presentation from the General Session and the outreach activities reflected in it. He asked Charge Conference attendees if there was anything that they wished to add. Jenna Nelson offered that she feels that Tinney Chapel is characterized by willingness to “bloom where you are planted.” She illustrated that point with the involvement of several of the members of our congregation who are active in the prison ministry serving residents of the nearby Johnston Unit. Rev. Gould accepted the Laity Report as presented.

· Pastor’s Report – Rev. Gross referred to the “Report of the Pastor“ in the packet.
o Rev. Gross referenced the Membership Roll as submitted in the packet. She reported that the roll has diminished over the past year, due in large part to deaths and transfers. She reported that the current membership, however, is very faithful. Pastor Sue referred to the Christmas luncheon as an example of this – with 33 in attendance the first year, 75 last year, and another likely increase this Christmas.

o Rev. Gross reported that Tinney Chapel has 3 Certified Lay Speakers – Joe Dan Boyd, Roger Schneider, and Angela Wylie at this time. In addition, David Stanton is a local Lay Speaker. She explained that she feels very fortunate to have these persons and that they have been very helpful during the past year with the loss of her father and her mother’s illness. Rev. Gross explained to Rev. Gould that each of the Lay Speakers has an opportunity to speak at least once per year and that they will be doing so during Advent.

o Rev. Gross cited a strengthening of relationships during the past year – relationships with each other (working together to produce health kits), relationship with the community (hosting community events, packaging beans & rice for food bank), and relationship with sister CME church – Hynson Chapel.
o Goal for the coming year – Pastor Sue reported that she would like to explore adding a Bible Service (similar to Calvary Church) – maybe by Easter.
Rev. Gould accepted the report as presented.

· Trustee Report – The Trustee Report as submitted in the packet was referenced and accepted.

· Financial Report – The Budget was presented by David Stanton. Referenced information in the packet included the Budget, Finance Committee Report, Budget Worksheets, Housing Allowance Resolution, and Budget. Mr. Stanton reported that 100% of apportionments had been paid last year, 100% had been paid this year (early), and we anticipate that all apportionments will be paid this coming year.

The Pastor’s compensation was approved as presented in the packet.

David reports that the budget for the coming year totals $82,690 and that we anticipate bringing in that amount and having a healthy budget for 2011. He reports that Alicia Moore will be taking over as Finance Chair in 2011 and that he will be assisting and supporting her in that transition.

The Budget and Financial Reports were approved as presented.

· Nominating Committee Report – The “Administrative Council – 2011 Leadership” list was presented. Rev. Gould noted that the next action needed was nomination from the floor for the filling of the 2 Nominations Committee members for the 2013 positions. The floor was opened for nominations. David Stanton nominated Joe Dan Boyd. Gailya Gearner nominated Zonnie Griffin. David Stanton moved that the nominations cease and the nominees be accepted by acclamation. The vote to do so was unanimous.

· Lay Speaker Affirmation – The Lay Speaker reports as included in the packet of material were referenced. It was noted that Joe Dan Boyd, Roger Schneider, and Angela Wylie were seeking affirmation as Certified Lay Speakers. David Stanton was seeking affirmation as a Local Lay Speaker. The vote to confer these affirmations was unanimous.

There being no further business, the Tinney Chapel 2010 Charge Conference was dismissed.

These minutes were prepared and respectfully submitted by Cheryl Ann Newton, appointed Recording Secretary for the 2010 Charge Conference.

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