Thursday, October 21, 2010


Tinney Chapel Pilgrim Glenn Goggans embarks on 3-day Walk To Emmaus

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Tinney Chapel Pilgrim Glenn Goggans embarks on 3-day Walk To Emmaus

Thursday evening, Oct. 21, 2010, was "sendoff" for the latest Tinney Chapel Pilgrim via Northeast Texas Emmaus Men's Walk # 10-109: Glenn Goggans, who was escorted to the event at Lone Star by sponsors: Mollie & David Stanton, Peggy & Joe Dan Boyd, Jenna Nelson and Bob Deitering, all of whom have previously taken the Walk To Emmaus.

En route to the event, the seven-passenger-car, driven by David Stanton, stopped at the Bo Pilgrim Prayer Chapel in Pittsburg to spend a few minutes inside reading the Emmaus Walk Scripture, Luke 24:13-35, and admiring the beautiful stained glass panels. See separate pictures on this Weblog post.

Outside, the Pilgrim posed for pictures at the famous Divine Servant sculpture and "helped" the Lord Jesus wash the feet of the Apostle Peter. Please see the photo collage, and other images above, for an idea of how that happened. Just visiting the sculpture is an awe-inspiring occasion. This can be especially true when one is about to embark upon an intense, often life-changing, 72-hour journey of spiritual renewal, such as the Walk To Emmaus.

Once at the Emmaus Walk site, all hands enjoyed a covered dish meal, helped to encourage Tinney Chapel UMC’s latest Pilgrim, including a personalized drinking cup made for him by his Sunday School teacher, Angela Wylie, and others from all over East Texas, including East District Lay Leader Ben Bennett, then spent time praying for the success of each Pilgrim on the Walk, which will continue through the early evening of Sunday, October 24. Separate pictures above.

The intense 72-hour event of spiritual renewal, known as The Walk To Emmaus, often changes lives, routinely creates new interest in personal ministry and frequently jump starts the gradual development of newly energized church leaders. Please pray for the success of our own Tinney Chapel Pilgrim on this Walk: Glenn Goggans and our District Lay Leader, Ben Bennett.

For more images and narrative about the Divine Servant sculpture, go to the following Weblog link, or if the link doesn't work for you, click on the title of this blog post at top of page as it is also a live link to the same page. As a last resort, you might try copy-pasting the link in your browser address window:

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