Saturday, April 04, 2009


All Three Tinney Chapel Lay Speakers Are Recertified Today

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Tinney Chapel UMC Lay Speakers recognized today include Angela Wylie, far left on first row, Roger Schneider, far left on third row and Joe Dan Boyd, second from right on third row. All three have been Certified Lay Speakers for several years, and completed an Advanced Lay Speaker Class, "Go Preach," during the past two Saturdays as part of the requirements for retaining certification. During this class, each student was required to research, write and deliver a new sermon. Melba Harris, fourth from left on first row, is the District Director of Lay Speaking Ministries. District Superintendent Keith Boone is third from left on the first row. North Texas Conference Bishop Earl Bledsoe is at far right on the first row. Mrs. Bledsoe, herself a Lay Speaker, is second from right on the first row.

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