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A Miraculous Bible Study For Tinney Chapel Kids

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All Words & Pictures in this post are by Angela Wylie.

FROM BEHIND THE CAMERA, an essay by Angela Wylie

From an observer's viewpoint, the 2008 Tinney Chapel Bible School was a wonderful experience for both adults and the nine children that attended. Sometimes, small groups are best for interaction and education.

Day one began with the children learning about leprosy and the resulting ostracism that occurred in Biblical times. The lesson was learned that of the people that were healed of leprosy by Jesus, only one returned to thank Him. The point was that we should be thankful, not only for Jesus, but for the people in our lives that care for us.

The day proceeded with a lab where the children made their own test tubes filled with colored goo of their choice. Then, it was to the bubble pool where the children took turns being turned into living science experiments. They were each encased in a huge bubble and several took turns pulling the bubbles up over their friends. Pastor Sue even got into the action.

There was singing and dancing and, of course, refreshments, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Day Two began with the children being allowed to blow up a balloon if they had done their 'gratitude ' homework. The special balloon bin was filled to overflowing.

The children were allowed to conduct a special experiment where they created their own silly puddy type of polymer. It was good, slightly messy, fun. The more they worked the goo, however, the better it became.

The main attraction of the second day, however, was when the children got to 'walk on water'. The exercise began with a boat ride, during which the story about Peter walking to Jesus through the stormy sea was read. There were sound effects and atmosphere. The children were then presented with a container of a substance not quite liquid and not quite solid. If one walked across quickly, one could walk on 'water' without sinking.

The children then watched a film about Chatter the Chipmunk that taught them through the tree days that it was ok to tell other people about Jesus. The message was that Jesus is our special friend.

Day Three included the Bible story about the two thieves that were also crucified with Christ.

The children were given stickers with sad faces on them, which represented our sins.

They stuck their stickers onto the two smaller crosses. Stacy then explained how when Jesus accepted the repentance of the one thief that all of his sins, (and ours) were placed upon Him (Jesus).

She pulled each of the sad stickers off and applied them to the central cross and it was a very moving depiction of what happened.

She followed through with another scientific experiment in which a beaker of black icky liquid was poured into clean water, (our sins that pollute our lives). When we repent and accept Christ, however....

Stacy began to pour in liquid from another beaker and the darkness began to change miraculously.... Jesus cleanses us of our sins.

The children enjoyed the lessons and the activities and so did the 'photographer'. Those who attended were indeed blessed. In fact, Rylie, the youngest of the children is reported to have asked older sister, Bailey, when she could go back and learn more about God!

There is a thirst and innocence in children that we should all emulate. Are we not to approach God with the belief of a child?

I am grateful to Stacy, Elaine, and Pastor Sue, for making the Bible School possible. We were all blessed.

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